Educology bibliography


This is a partial bibliography of educological works. It is divided into books, periodicals, articles and websites. The bibliography consists of writings that have been influential in the development of my educological thinking since my introduction to educology in 1972. Some of these works are available online. Others are available from book suppliers or libraries.


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  • Ye, Lan (2020): Life-Practice Educology. A Contemporary Chinese Theory of Education. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill’s Series on Chinese Education, Volume 4.

Periodicals and Series

  • International Journal of Educology: A Journal of Research, Inquiry and Development about the Educational Process from an Educological Perspective (1987-2001). Sydney: Educology Research Associates.
  • Oswiatologia (Educology): Ukrainian-Polish Yearbook (2012-): Borys Grinchenko, Kyiv University, Ukraine; Higher Teacher Education, School of the Polish Teachers’ Union, Republic of Poland.
  • Stockholm Lectures in Educology (2002-): Stockholm, Sweden: Department of Education, Stockholm University.

Articles and chapters