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  1. Linda Silvestri got Rodrigo soria

    Ed, Rodrigo delighted in your letter! He is in a resthome and his only daughter does not visit. He has been there over 3 years. He gets no PT and so is still paralyzed on left side. My name is Linda Campos Silvestri from Carp and I try going daily to lift his spirit. Please write him again. Linda

    1. jim Post author

      Hi Linda, Thanks for your email re Rodrigo. I certainly will maintain contact with him. Rod and I shared several classes during our high school years at Carpinteria, and we also played team sports together. He was also one of my groomsman in my wedding (1962) to my first wife (Joan Smith of Huntington Beach). Did you attend high school with us? My younger brother, Dean, attended CUHS from 1958-62. He went on to serve in the Navy, then worked in various jobs in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. He sadly passed away in 1986 at the tender age of 42 after a prolonged illness. My parents lived on Toro Canyon Road (number 150). Do you still live in Carpinteria? My Facebook page is and my email address is It’s “Jim” because I started using my first name (James & Jim) in my university days at UCLA. Anyway, to all my high school friends, I am still “Ed.” It’s the same wine in the bottle, regardless of the label, isn’t it?! Again, many thanks for your email. Cheers! Ed


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